Empowering romances

Australian Country Romances: Starling Sisters Series

Elizabeth is an Australian country romance novella and prequel to the Starling Sisters series.

Publisher: Magnolia Blossom Publishing .

Distinguished Favorite, Independent Press Award.

“Having read Estelle’s previous works, I dare say that this is one of her best works yet.” – Goodreads reviewer

Forgiving Liam: A Romance Novel (Starling Sisters Book 1)

Publisher: Magnolia Blossom Publishing.

Read the prequel, Elizabeth.

A winner of the Firebird Book Awards – Romance category

“‘Forgiving Liam’ is not only a worthy follow-up to ‘Elizabeth,’ but it ratchets the saga up to a whole new level. I am now very, very interested in the Starling girls and their relationships, and I am eager to see how Rose’s younger sisters, Jasmine and Daisy, fare in the future!” – Amazon reviewer

Steamy Romances

Lessons on Seduction – a thrilling erotic bad boy romance novel about love, betrayal, and empowerment.

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

Literary Titan Award gold winner.

“Lessons on Seduction by Estelle Pettersen is a passionate, erotic romance novel that will fully satisfy the appetites of the fans of this genre.” – Literary Titan books

Cowboy Desire anthology – a series of cowboy short stories, including Loving Jack, a spicy tale about friends to lovers in outback Australia.

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

Literary Titan Award gold winner.

“Loving Jack—Estelle Pettersen
What a cool story! Olivia Bertrand married Angus Wilson directly after high school graduation. They had been going together but in no small part because her very best friend, Jack McCullen was already dating someone seriously. On their wedding night, Liv discovered Angus with another woman. What??! Furious, Jack beat Angus up and then screamed at Liv that she should have married him. That’s a fine time to tell her. After a quick escape from her marriage Liv goes off to London to work and stays away five years. When she finally returns home, she finds Jack is single—he never married. Is there any hope for the two of them, or has it been too long with too many misunderstandings? I really enjoyed this story of second-chance love.” – Amazon reviewer

Dark Desire anthology, which includes the short story The Wolf of Varg Island.

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

Estelle Pettersen is living proof that a solid writer can write just about anything. As evidence, I present to you: ‘The Wolf of Varg Island’.” – Amazon reviewer

Rainbow Desire anthology – a celebration of life and love in this noteworthy LGBTQ+ anthology.

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

“This was a refreshing collection of LGBTQIA stories with good characters and situations. Some of the situations resonated with me well and I’m glad to have read them.” – Amazon reviewer