Stories of Seduction

Hop on board and let my stories evoke your soul with passion, fervor, and a dash of salacity.

An excerpt from Lessons on Seduction, coming soon from BVS:

“Sapphire, you are an exquisitely flawed and beautiful soul. Your flaws make you perfectly who you are. Alluring. Ethereal. Recherché—a treasure,” Julian said.

“And what of beauty? I’ve seen your choice of women, and they are beautiful. You have admirable taste, and it appears that you have a gratifying lifestyle,” I complimented.

“I like to think of myself as an Epicurean rather than a Stoic. I am a person devoted to a lifestyle of sensual enjoyment, especially when it is mixed with fine food and wine,” Julian declared.

“Well then, I am glad we met. For too long, I have lived the life of a Stoic, accepting the status quo without complaining,” I sighed, smiling at my date.

I took a bite of my doughnut, which oozed with strawberry filling, then sipped the rich taste of my cappuccino to quench my thirst for the aromatic warmth.

“Saph, I want to let you know that I’m not obsessed with appearances. After all, we are like the leaves that begin dewy-fresh in the youth of spring, become golden in the prime of summer, and brittle in the autumn, eventually fading away into nothingness.”

Julian paused, then looked at me.

“It’s the mind that showcases a world of beauty, and the heart that keeps it warm.” He gently tapped my forehead as a gesture of appreciation of the mind.

His eyes crinkled as he grinned, revealing a wide, pearly-white smile. He didn’t smile very often, but how wonderful it was when he did.

“I see the warmth of your heart in your smile,” I commented.

“How does that make you feel, love?”

“It’s delightful. I feel like I’m walking on air.”