Lessons on Seduction

An erotic romance novel

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When college student Sapphire Blake finds herself fresh out of a breakup, she is ready to embark on a new journey in her life.

A dark, sensual journey.

Freeing herself from the expectations set by her family, friends, and church, an innocent and unworldly Sapphire begins experimenting with her new casual lover, Vera Richland.

College professor Julian Richland is ridiculously handsome, smart, and intimidating. When the pair are introduced by none other than Julian’s own sister, sparks are ignited as Julian sees past the conservative stigma Sapphire believes the world has placed on her.

As the couple begins a dangerous, passionate relationship, secrets become exposed and lives are threatened. Will Julian be able to save his relationship with Sapphire and rekindle the fiery flame they share? Or, will fate have another ending in store?

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions.


One framed sepia photo suddenly caught my eye—it featured a dangerously handsome man with dark hair and strong shoulders. The way he gazed into the camera lens was as if he wanted to tell a story with his mysterious, dark eyes.

“Vera, who is this? Is he your boyfriend?”

“Him? Oh, goodness, no! That’s my older brother, Julian.”

“He’s a good-looking guy.” I traced the outline of his muscled arm.

“Oh, honey, I’ll give you one piece of advice: you don’t want to get involved with him,” Vera chuckled.

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t. I’m freshly single, and I need some breathing space,” I assured her.

“Breathing space … we all need that from time to time, hon. Don’t forget to have a bit of fun.” Vera revealed a Mona Lisa smile, pointing her index finger at me.

“Oh, I won’t forget.” I grinned at Vera.

“I’m going to have a quick shower. Make yourself at home. There’s coffee and tea in the kitchen downstairs. You’ll find it when you go past the living room,” she said.

“Sure thing, sailor.” I smiled at her.

I made my way down the stairs. I entered the modest living room, which featured a floral sofa with waxed oak legs, two beige recliners, a mahogany coffee table, and a white piano tucked in the left corner near the window. Speaking of the devil himself, my heart leaped in shock when I noticed Julian rummaging the bookcase, in a frantic search for a particular book.

“Oh goodness, I didn’t realize you were in here!” I held my hand to my heart.

“Oh, hi.” Julian turned around.

Our eyes were locked—there was no denying that there was an instant chemistry. You either had it, or you didn’t, and there was no “lukewarm” with me. The man’s frantic expression dropped, and his eyes softened when he saw me.

“I’m Sapphire, Vera’s friend.” I reached my hand out to shake his. He wiped his left hand on his jeans, then shook mine.

Oh, he’s left-handed.

“I’m Julian.” His espresso eyes expressed an element of honesty and gentle kindness, which I admired in a man.

“Hi, Julian.” I smiled widely. I tilted my head to the side and tucked my hair behind my ear as a nervous habit.

“You’ve got the most interesting smile,” he complimented.
“Julian … it’s a beautiful name for a beautiful man.” Did I really say that? Yeah, I did.

At first, he didn’t respond. However, he eventually let slip a small grin, then slowly fished a novel out of the bookshelf. “Here. It’s one of my favorite books.” Julian handed me a copy of Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz. I took the book and stared at the cover.

“It’s a good piece of fiction set in ancient Rome, based on events shortly after Christ’s crucifixion. The author won the Nobel prize for literature in 1905,” he explained.

“I love good books with a touch of history,” I confessed.

“Then you’ll enjoy reading that one.” Julian pointed at the book.