Beta reading and editing services

Are you looking for affordable beta reading and light editing services?

I’m here to give you the kick in the butt you need to bring forth your best work – let’s get your work to shine among the stars. Or, to put it bluntly, let’s get you from shame to fame. πŸ™‚

“The edit was detailed and neat. The suggestions helped me to refine my sentence structure and phrasing.”

Customer review

Questions writers should ask:

  • Does my story need a makeover?
  • Am I info-dumping or telling instead of showing my story?
  • Is the story littered with purple prose?
  • Are my characters flat?
  • How’s my hero doing in her/his journey?
  • Does my plot have holes? Weak pinch points? How’s the midpoint?
  • Does my book attract readers and make them fall in love with it?
  • Does it allow readers to commit to it, from start to finish?

Questions, questions…but we have to ask them.

The writer’s bible – Chicago Manual of Style

I use the Chicago Manual of Style. I can switch to Harvard and APA if needed (I used them years ago). I edit in American and UK English – you pick. Heck, I can even go Aussie if you like. πŸ™‚ I was an ex-pat brat, attending American, British, and Australian schools, so I can swap to any of the main variations of English easily. I’ve got a good grasp of other languages – Norwegian, some Portuguese, German, and Japanese.

Experienced and affordable

I love to read.

Why should you have me as your beta reader?

Give me a good book, and I’ll devour every word. I will analyze every character that just ‘got to me,’ especially the villains. Analyzing stories is one way I connect with the world around me. Strange, but it works. πŸ˜‰

As a former journalist, BA graduate, MBA graduate (top 10% of my class), I’ve had different types of work published – a plethora of newspaper articles, press releases, magazine articles, and one published academic work. Today, I’m a content editor/writer for a corporate firm.

I’ve ghost-written content published in industry magazines, websites, and presentations. It’s enhanced the careers of a few prominent people in the industries I’ve worked in – putting their name to my work.

Outside work and family, I have a passion and it’s called fiction writing. This passion led me to become a published author with a romance publisher. My books (erotic and steamy romances) are on Amazon. I was a semi-finalist in the international Swoon Awards for Amazon romance books in 2020.

I have other stories (nonfiction, teen fiction, and a PG-rated romantic comedy) on Wattpad. These scribbles somehow won multiple awards and were featured on several official Wattpad profiles – including the Romance profile five times. Crazy, huh?

So, am I qualified enough to beta read and lightly edit your work? πŸ˜‰

I’m offering three packages:

1. Love at first sight
2. Stuck together
3. Til death do us part

1. Love at first sight deal

Your woe

How dare they not like what I wrote?

You want to get your first three chapters right. If they don’t grab your readers’ attention amid the slush pile of books out there, don’t blame your readers.

My fix

Maybe it’s time for a makeover.

I will:

  • Beta read and lightly edit your first few chapters
  • Give you critical feedback on my personal reading experience.
  • Address character introduction, setting the scene, your writing style, and areas of improvement.

I will do my best to work with you on boosting your chapters. I will kick your talented ass to get your work to shine.


  • Love at First Sight 1: $20- up to 10,000 words
  • Love at First Sight 2: $40 – up to 20,000 words
Let’s do this!

Turnaround time: up to one week (7 days) from payment.

Fill out this form to see if your needs/timeframe matches my availability and schedule. My availability is subject to projects for my publisher, a full-time job, and family. Payment method: PayPal.

2. Stuck together deal

Readers love me! My publisher loves me! My agent loves me! They all love me!

It’s the same deal as Love at First Sight for up to 50,000 words.

You’ll get chapter summaries and a short report on character development, plot development, world-building, and the usual bag of tricks gone wrong – the common grammatical errors, overused words, and all other things (purple prose, where you’re telling and not showing the story, etc.).

Cost: $60 for 21,000 – 50,000 words

Turnaround time: up to two weeks (14 days) from payment.

Fill out this form to see if your needs/timeframe matches my availability and schedule. My availability is subject to projects for my publisher, a full-time job, and family. Payment method: PayPal.

3. Til death do us part deal

For good times and challenging times, we’re sticking through from start to finish.

I’ll beta read and lightly edit your entire whole novel up to 80,000* words. I’ll tell you everything I love about your story and everything that needs improvement. You’ll get all of the above thrown in for:

Cost: $120 for 51,000 to 80,000* words.

*If your story exceeds 80,000 words, contact me for a tailored and affordable price and practical timeframe.

Turnaround time: up to three weeks (21 days) from payment.

>> Fill out this form

It’s to see if your needs/timeframe matches my availability and schedule. My availability is subject to projects for my publisher, a full-time job, and family. Payment method: PayPal.

Ground rules

  • You, as a writer, have a duty to make sure you put effort into your story. I will not be rewriting the entire story for you. I am here to help, not do your job. Your story is your job.
  • I don’t offer refunds for the work I do. I have made it clear that this is beta reading and light editing. I will spot common errors, repeated mistakes, spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, syntax issues. However, I am not a developmental editor, and I am not a line editor (line by line). Read about the different types of editing.
  • I will not work with rude clients. Respect is one of the key factors toward success.
  • As mentioned earlier, I will need to see if your needs/time frame matches my availability and schedule. My family is my priority. Hence, why I have this form for you to fill: Fill out this form.
  • I prefer romance, tasteful erotica (not porn), thrillers, new adult, women’s literature, nonfiction, gothic horror, historical fiction, action, sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure.
  • I will not read stories that glorify rape, sexual or any other abuse, or gory violence. I will not read stories that promote prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community, gender, or race.
  • I prefer not to read fanfiction (send me a 500-word sample so I can assess if I’ll take on the project), and I will not read comics.
  • The prices will go up over time. The prices you see on the page today are what you pay for if you sign up now.

*Disclaimer: my editing services don’t offer sales. This is about the craft of writing.