Book review: Patrick

Patrick by Callie Carmen

By Callie Carmen


Jaq had no interest in a serious relationship because life at an early age had taught her that men weren’t to be trusted. But she met Patrick who soon had her thinking about risking her heart. For Patrick the time for Jaq dating other men had ended. He wanted her all to himself. But would she stay if she knew the secrets of his past?

Patrick wasn’t the only man who wanted Jaq, and the other man was willing to kill to have her. Patrick is the first novel in the Risking Love series. The stories chart a group of friends through life and love. These steamy stories will have you laughing, crying, and have your heart racing.


I enjoyed reading Patrick by Callie Carmen and couldn’t put it down over the long weekend. Jaq, the protagonist, is a woman with a strong voice and I like women with strong voices in romance novels.

I can see why she fell in love with Patrick – he was every bit the loving partner; he’s smart, sexy, respectful, and not to mention hot! I enjoyed the suspense in the plot, which kept me on my toes, and the steamy scenes put my phone on fire! I loved it and will be reading the next book in the Risking Love series.


  1. Estelle,
    Thank you for the wonderful review. I’m so glad you found Jaq a strong woman. She took on a lot, working full time while taking five courses, going on dates with various men, and finding time to spend with friends and family. Throw in an obsessed serial killer and it becomes time to lean in a little on a strong man like Patrick to lend a hand.

    • Thanks, Callie. It’s one of my favorite thriller romances. I keep thinking about how Jaq was brave, and emotionally she was strong, dealing with being watched by a dangerous killer. I won’t say more as I don’t want to spoil the story, but it was a gripping novel.

  2. A great and fair review, I have loved the series and Patrick gets that series off to a fabulous start.


    Nice review on Patrick. All Callie’s characters are strong women.

  4. Gibby Campbell

    I loved this book! Great review.

  5. I can’t wait to read this!

  6. Suzanne Smith

    Great review! I loved this book. I like my romance reads on the dark side and the creepy serial killer in this book was right up my alley!

  7. This was a CRANKIN’ novel!!! Not only did I love Jaq for standing strong in the face of danger, I really admired Patrick for braving the danger along with her. And yah, serial killer novels are kinda my thing. This is NOT a serial killer novel, mind you, it’s a solid romance… but it still happens to have a serial killer. I love that!!!

  8. Simone Francis

    Nice review Good to see strong women in romance novels

  9. alicerenaud2816

    I love Patrick. It has a sexy heroine, a true hero, and a creepy serial killer.

  10. Hi Alice,
    Thank you. I agree David is a very creepy man. Thank goodness for Patrick.

  11. Well, I certainly have a lot of reading to do because this book series sounds very intriguing. Hot, steamy scenes and a serial killer – a very interesting combination indeed!

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