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Let’s support each other. Image credit: Pixabay.

This month has been an exciting one filled with achievements.

I have joined a new family—Black Velvet Seductions, a publisher with a wide range of books, including erotic romances, sweet seduction stories, and supernatural romances. My erotic romance, Lessons on Seduction, will be available from them and I am excited!

I’ve also been badged as an official ambassador for Wattpad, an online community with over 80 million readers and writers worldwide.


These achievements are what I call “teamwork” because it is a shared effort together with fellow readers and writers. They supported me through the highs and lows of writing and gave me the kick I needed to do improve in all areas.

Naturally, I was over the moon when BVS accepted my manuscript and welcomed me to their team. I learned that good publishers like BVS offer strong support and encouragement for their authors. Successes are shared and motivation is ongoing among the authors in this team.

The start of the journey

Looking back, I think about where I was a year ago. I had only three or four followers at best on Wattpad. Being a painfully shy introvert, it took a lion’s serving of courage to open up, reach out, and connect with other writers and readers. Not everything has been rosy on the yellow brick road. I’ve dealt with witches, trolls, and the flying monkeys, but it’s no skin off my nose.

What gives me strength? Other writers, of course! They help me stand strong in a tough market.

Standing strong

In one year, my stories were featured on Wattpad’s official profile pages and my profile now has over 1000 followers; from these followers, I have made a few wonderful friends.

I wouldn’t have friends if I hadn’t taken the step to write, edit my work, take in suggestions for improvements, edit, and edit again. An author’s growth is a never-ending cycle; it never stops.

Sounds exhausting?

Not if you’re having fun with other writers. That’s why it’s important to have others around us as we keep writing. My writing buddies are the ones I vent to, laugh with, and smile together as we face our challenges.

Nothing is achieved without another person’s involvement. Writing can be a lonely path, but we are never alone as long as we’re brave enough to reach out. Reaching out means that we may expose our vulnerable selves as authors, but it also means that we are willing to grow.

Give support

Each of us has a personal story of pain that we mask rather well sometimes. This makes it all the more important to ask for support when we struggle.

Writers help each other out, and as I’ve been told, we adjust each other’s crowns. The world is big enough for everyone to succeed.

Unfortunately, I’ve also seen a few talented writers lose hope in their projects because of the criticism they’ve received or an award they didn’t win. This saddens me. Being an author requires thick skin; criticism and disappointment are part of life.

What can we do to support each other?

  • Reach out to connect with others.
  • Reach out when we can support someone.
  • Reach out when we need support.

Let’s all make the most to support each other’s dreams and successes. This sums up my writing journey so far, with miles ahead to go—but I’m not alone.

Here’s a little something from I Love Lucy, one of my favorite shows. Together, we can do it!


  1. Wonderful blog and so true. You’ll always have support from your friends at BVS.

  2. Suzanne Smith

    Love this blog post. Yes. There are days that not winning an award or getting a negative review might floor you and make you feel like you don’t want to write anymore. But, if you have a strong support group in the writing field, like the folks at BVS, that defeatist attitude doesn’t stay with you for long. I’m relatively new to the field and I am amazed at the level of support I’ve gotten from other writers. You are so right when you say that the world is big enough for everyone to succeed.


    Wonderful blog! I can tell that it came from experience and the heart. You know writers well. That support at BVS is very important. I’m fairly new to the craft of writing. I’m also an older writer, at one time I did give up the craft for both of the reasons you stated.

    I’m so happy that I’ve been blessed with determination even if it came later. Thank you!

  4. BVS has a wonderfully supportive group of writers.
    Welcome to the group.
    I am really looking forward to reading your book
    I am also an introvert, which makes this social distancing thing a breeze.

  5. We’re so happy that you became a member of the BVS family! Though writing is often thought of as an isolated (and isolating) task, thanks for reminding us that we’re all in it together!

  6. Great post! And it’s so true. I never expected to make friends when I became a published author, but it’s been the best part of the journey!

  7. This is a great tip especially to those new to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very precise info… Thank you for sharing this
    one. A must read post!

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