Book review: The Fall Apart

The Fall Apart by L.M. Wolfe is an emotional story of what happens after marriage and kids – the real account of true love amid the toughest times. It’s an upfront account of a couple, Alex and Jake, facing the challenges of what goes on years after the fairytale wedding.

The author gets real with readers – life is no fairytale, and raising a family is challenging, not to mention the stress of work and relationship issues with the man you love. But perseverance and courage are two key traits of the couple. Will their unspoken bond hold the family together, or will the ugly truths of life tear them apart?

This book is worth each of the five stars I’m giving it.

Book Blurb

What happens after the happy ending?

You know the story… two people meet and fall in love, overcome the odds, and cross the finish line hand in hand. But then what?

Thirty-something hot mess Alexandra Everett is close to a breakdown. Balancing four kids while her marriage teeters on the edge of divorce, she reflects on two decades of history with her husband Jake, recalling the joyful highs and devastating lows of some of their greatest hits.

Filled with moments of pure love, devotion, humor, and pain, Alex navigates the different seasons of her life, trying to determine between then and now how it all began to fall apart.

This isn’t your typical love story. It’s a raw, snarky, sometimes steamy, honest look at marriage’s ugly truths, and the trials and tribulations of parenthood—all those things nobody wants to discuss.

Though maybe it’s time we do.

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