Book review: Until We Confess

Author: Lilly Henderson

Finally! A healthy romance with a solid plotline, a strong heroine, and a decent book boyfriend who will sweep you off your feet. I’m proud to give Until We Confess, Lilly Henderson’s debut novel, a solid five stars.

First, I love the author’s style of writing. It’s straight to the point, with no heavy back story, and she tells Amy and Ben’s relationship development in a way that the flow is easy to follow – perfect for busy readers. The editing is neat, and the characters’ self-reflections don’t linger (unlike many romance stories I’ve given up reading with reflections that linger – this one doesn’t – a big plus).

Second, I enjoyed reading the dual POV from both the MC and her love interest. I related to the usual frustrations of being in a relationship, the things that go wrong, and the misunderstandings/miscommunications, which are all typical, pulling the reader’s heartstrings. Reading Ben’s POV was a big plus, and I like the guy.

That leads to my third point. There are a lot of male MC characters from different books who I’ve strongly disliked and stopped reading them. A lot of these male MCs have plain mean attitudes and belittling views about women, and it’s reflected in how they treat their heroine. But not Ben. Ben is that hot office hunk who makes the work day a better one. He’s charming and respectful – and when things get tough, he does have a stubborn streak but don’t we all? The thing is, both he and Amy learn from their challenges, and they are smart people.

Finally, I loved the plot twist – it’s one of my favorite twists which I won’t spoil, and this one was executed well before the end.

Overall, Until We Confess is a terrific spicy romance readers will enjoy, and a book worth investing in. I look forward to more novels from Lilly Henderson in the future.

Book Blurb

As she walks by, she fixes her big, beautiful eyes on me, causing my breath to hitch. When a blush suffuses her cheeks, something funny happens to my entire body, especially my groin. Wow, I can’t remember the last time eye contact had such a powerful effect on me. As she saunters by, a hint of her sweet, flowery scent fills my nose and does even funnier things to my brain. -Ben

An instant attraction too strong to ignore.

Past secrets too dark to keep hidden.
Will their love prevail?

After a devastating year, Amy is ready to leave everything behind, and moving across the country to escape the memories seems like the perfect plan. She clings to the hope that a new circle of friends and an exciting new job will make for a fresh start.

Things indeed take a turn for the better, especially with her charming colleague, Ben, even though their instant connection messes up Amy’s best-laid plans. Falling for a guy is the last thing on her list, and given his history, Ben is reluctant to let anyone into his life. Nonetheless, feelings arise that are too strong to ignore, and the fiery passion that draws them together is too tempting to resist.

But when the secrets they both buried deep resurface, Amy has to realize shrugging off her past is not that simple. Ben has his own demons to fight, and they threaten to rip them apart.

Will their past shatter all hopes for a happy future, or can love really weather any storm?

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