Short story review: The Eye of the Hurricane by Virginia Wallace

The Eye of the Hurricane by Virginia Wallace

Author: Virginia Wallace
Audio narrated by Lilly Canon

Buy the short story as part of the Eternally October anthology, or as a standalone.


Earl is in deep mourning over the passing of his terrier, Jack-Jack … until a hurricane comes to town, with winds so violent that they blow aside even reality itself.

Anyone who has ever loved and lost a furry friend will relate to this heartfelt tale.


This is a must-read for dog lovers! I read this short story as a taster over the Christmas holidays with my dog by my side, so it hit me emotionally. The bond between humans and canines described in the story is magical and a reflection of real unconditional love, which the author conveys clearly. There are supernatural elements and an ‘is there an afterlife?’ theme. The cover with the Jack Russell Terrier is so adorable. Who doesn’t love cute dogs?

I needed tissues, but loved the story so much that I bought Eternally October, an anthology of Virginia Wallace’s short stories, including The Eye of the Hurricane (I bought this short story as a standalone first).

I’ve read Virginia Wallace’s romance stories, and this is not a romance but a story of life, death, and peace. The emotional heartstrings were definitely pulled in this one. It was a good taster for what to expect in Eternally October.

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  1. Callie Carmen

    Great review, Estelle.
    It is so wonderful that Virginia can bring the closeness and love that one feels for their canine to the page. Making us feel what we are reading is a special talent that she has.

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