Thrilling, chilling romance books for Halloween

Feeling the itch to read a thrilling, haunting romance? Here are a few books you’ll love for your Halloween reading list:

Creatures of the Night

Creatures of the Night by Deborah Kelsey Lazaroff is an incredibly sensual and erotic supernatural love story.

I felt it was a fantastic book, one of the best supernatural romances, with an eerie feeling throughout the novel. The author’s work is superb and flawless – I loved her writing style.

The steamy scenes are almost too hot to handle, and the emotional development in the relationship between the main characters, Sarah and Trevor, keeps me hooked, wanting to read the next chapter even past bedtime.

This novel is a must-read for supernatural and dark romance lovers who want originality in a vampire romance novel.

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Michael by Callie Carmen is the perfect romance book to end the Risking Love series.

After reading the other novels in the series, I can honestly say that Michael did not disappoint. I was kept on my toes with the thrills of the love story between Olivia and Michael.

A survivor of relationship abuse, Olivia has put the past behind her and focuses on her future. She moves forward with her thriving career and meets the gorgeous VP Michael Evans. Falling in love doesn’t come without obstacles – a cunning dragon lady ready to claw her way into Michael’s life, and a crazy ex-boyfriend who raises one’s anxiety levels through the roof.

As I read every chapter, I cheered for Olivia because of her strength, tolerance, and refusal to be beaten by the bullying forces. I loved Michael for his loyalty, faithfulness, and ability to see the forest through the trees in tough situations.

I loved this story – so many emotions raced around my heart when I read Michael.

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Dark Desire

I sometimes prefer reading books with good short stories to a full novel, especially in busy times. A good dark romance anthology in the lead-up to Halloween is the perfect treat.

Dark Desire has everything I craved – vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves, and an abundance of mystery. It was time to step out of my comfort zone and dig deep into something darker in romance, so I went for the anthology.

It’s worth checking out some amazing authors and getting to know their other work.

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Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions


  1. Estelle,
    You write wonderful reviews that are very helpful to readers. The reader knows what to expect and if the story is going to fit their type of read. ❤️
    Thank you,

  2. Great review and three great books especially for this time of year. I love the stories of Callie and Deborah. and the anthology is a very interesting read, right on topic for Halloween. It is lovely to read your thoughts on these stories.

  3. Deborah Kelsey Lazaroff Alpi

    Thank you, Estelle, for your lovely review of Creatures of The Night! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and I greatly appreciate your very kind and thoughtful words. Thanks so much!

  4. Gibby Campbell

    Great review. I read all 3 of these books and loved them all!!

  5. Suzanne Smith

    I’ve read stories by both Callie and Deborah. They are very talented writers, each with their own unique style. I also just finished reading the Dark Desire Anthology by BVS. I loved all the stories in this fabulous anthology!

  6. Great review and recommendations. Michael and Creatures of the Night are definitely on my to read list! Dark Desire is the perfect anthology for Halloween.

  7. Get Dark Desire now! Best dark romance anthology ever! Thank you Estelle for sharing!

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