When the White Knight Falls by Virginia Wallace

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The lovely and talented Kate McCoy once thought that her future was predictable, and secure. Classical music was her passion, and she was inarguably the mistress of her craft.

Then she met Alec Murdenson…

Alec knows nothing of orchestras; he’s a rocker, through and through. The ferocity of his music seems out of place when viewed alongside his easy smile, and his sense of humor… not to mention his handsome face, and striking green eyes.

But there is something else lurking behind his riveting gaze, an entity that is both Alec and yet not Alec at all. That phantasm is more than a little disturbing; perhaps it is even a cold-blooded monster.

As Kate becomes tangled within Alec’s web, she is forced to re-think everything she once thought she knew. In so doing, she must make a horrific choice: Either run for the hills…

Or embrace a man who understands human depravity better than she ever could.


Hot, fiery, and unforgettable rock star romance

Kate and Alec are talented musicians with a lot of creativity and strong personalities. The chemistry between them is powerful, and it’s clear that they care for each other. There were emotional moments (I won’t give away any spoilers) where I felt sorry for the characters. I also learned a few things about the music industry through Kate and Alec’s experiences.

I loved, loved, loved the ending! I couldn’t get it out of my head and still keep re-reading the last few chapters.

This is the first rock star romance that I’ve completed reading and thoroughly enjoyed.


  1. Virginia Wallace has quite the imagination! She’s someone to watch in the dark romance genre!

  2. Suzanne Smith

    WTWKF was a great read. Dark and twisted, just the way I like. Well done Virginia Wallace!

  3. It sounds like a great read. The kind of mystery that draws you in and keeps you turning the page.

  4. You are far too kind, Estelle. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the story!

  5. I just finished this story myself and loved the ending. 😀

  6. I couldn’t agree more it had a fantastic ending.

  7. I loved that book! Great review.

  8. As soon as I read ’embrace a man who understands human depravity’ I knew I wanted to read this.

  9. When The White Knight Falls was a fantastic and satisfying read. Virginia did such an amazing job with the flow of the plot, the creativity of all the drama and the development of the characters!🔥❤️

  10. Gibby Campbell

    That was an awesome ending!!

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