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Francesca Gabel, a learning support assistant, accepts a post at a prestigious Catholic boys’ school. She manages to form a bond with a challenging student named Richard Cunningham, but the lines begin to blur as they become closer. Francesca experiences an internal struggle as she grapples to control her feelings.

The passion they develop for one another consumes them as they enter a world of forbidden love and desire. Is it true love or a simple case of lust? Francesca must make a decision: give in to Richard and face the consequences or let him go.


A steamy, passionate, and emotionally powerful book

Secret Love by F. Burn was love at first sight for me. Firstly, the cover caught my eye before I bought it – it was one of the most beautiful romance covers I’d seen, depicting the inner torment of two lovers.

Secondly, it was a refreshing change to come across an older woman/younger man romance – it’s given readers diversity. Thirdly, this romance was a steamy read and for me, the steamier the better! I loved the passion and tease between the couple and how they took their time to invest in each other emotionally before diving into the physical side of their relationship.

The emotional and psychological aspects of the story hooked me from start to finish – I read the book in one sitting, then re-read it over the weekend. A truly gripping story!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic book! I do love older woman/younger man romances. Great review, Estelle, I really want to read it now. 🙂

  2. Great post, I loved this book. the subject matter could give the impression of it being a bit too taboo, teacher and student. But when you read it, it is so not a teacher seducing a young innocent child. It is a great story and I am hoping for a follow-up from this author.

  3. I agree Estelle the cover lets the reader know what they will find inside.
    You wrote a wonderful review. I’ve got Secret Love on my reading list and now I can’t wait to get to it.
    Congratulations F Burns. Thank you, Estelle.

  4. Sounds like a great read! Love a story with a strong focus on emotional investment.

  5. Gibby Campbell

    This is definitely on my to-read list. Nice review!

  6. The cover captures the struggle between forbidden love perfectly. I can’t wait to find out how that struggle ends.

  7. Thank you, Estelle, for giving Secret Love such a great review. I am so glad you enjoyed the emotional and psychological aspects of the story – I certainly enjoyed developing the characters this way.

  8. I loved this book. The premise for the book gives the impression that it is an extremely taboo subject, yet the story only really flirts with the ethical nature of student and teacher. It is a good story, in my opinion, I really enjoyed it.

  9. This sounds like a truly great book!

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