Book review: In The Driving Seat

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The perfect erotic romance novel

I love reading a good erotic romance with some BDSM when it’s written tastefully and cleverly. In The Driving Seat by Richard Savage is perfect for exactly that, and for busy readers looking for a spicy story.

This steamy book gives readers both points of view of the couple, Barbara and Alan—I related equally with them. The story left me wanting more, from an emotional perspective: it’s a wonderfully wicked and delicious tale giving insight into a couple’s relationship.

Book Blurb

“In The Driving Seat” is one of the stories in the romantic domestic discipline anthology “Spanked!”

Alan is a man that likes a structure to his life. He has a need to be in control and considers himself, In the Driving Seat, at work and at home.

Barbara enjoys her freedom. She takes pleasure in pushing Alan’s boundaries and loves to shop…especially for shoes. She never would have thought that buying a pair of shoes would ever land her in so much trouble. They were only shoes for goodness’ sake.

Alan is tired of fighting petty battles with Barbara over money. Then we’re not short of cash, they lived an affluent lifestyle, but he decides that a pair of shoes costing $1500, is a step too far and that there would need to be consequences. But is Barbara ready to pay Alan’s price for the shoes?

If you’re interested in buying the book, you can get it here.

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

8 Replies to “Book review: In The Driving Seat”

  1. Gotta love an erotic story that includes women and their obsession with buying shoes. Lol. Sounds like a great book!

  2. Wonderful interview. This sounds like a great spicy read. I can definitely relate to a closet full of shoes. My one guilty pleasure. My problem is… I never get rid of the old ones. LoL!

  3. Feels a bit funny making any comments. I enjoyed writing the story, as we all have our own obsessions with buying things, mine is art equipment, but we all have our own obsessions/pleasures we indulge. I just wanted there to be a consequence for spending that bit too much. Thank you for the Review Estelle and thank you all for your lovely comments.

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