Book review: Life as a China Doll: Coping with Osteoporosis

I read Life as a China Doll by Nancy Golinski when I was at the height of my chronic pain. While the book focuses on coping with osteoporosis, it is not limited to readers with osteoporosis; it has excellent tips and advice for anyone suffering from chronic pain outside osteoporosis, like myself.

It is also a good read for anyone who has a close friend or family member with osteoporosis to understand the illness better. The book addresses the physical, emotional, and mental challenges chronic pain sufferers deal with.

The book reminds chronic pain sufferers that we are not alone, to take advantage of the resources available, and to focus on the positives. A handy book to have and a great motivational lift overall.

Key takeaways from Life as a China Doll:

  • “Chronic pain may impact your sleep, your job, your appetite, your physical activity, your hobbies, and even your relationships. It basically impacts your entire life. When you hurt, that’s all you know. It’s your entire world, and it can be a very lonely one.”
  • “Number one on the list is your posture. It is no longer okay to slouch or have poor posture. I can still hear my mom yelling at me as a kid to sit up straight. Back!”
  • “…would be remiss if I didn’t mention exercise, which is one of the most physical things you can do. It is also something you have to do to keep your body as healthy as possible.”
  • “So how do you safely tighten your core? It’s simple. While laying down, sitting, or even standing, pull your belly button in and up toward your spine and hold it there.”
  • “Chronic illness is a family affair and impacts everyone in your family.”
  • “If you find you have toxic folks in your life, I urge you to gently extract yourself from them if at all possible.”
  • “You have precious energy now…What little is left needs to be dedicated to things that bring you pure joy.”

These tips are priceless, and I have followed each one of them. Thank you, Nancy.

If you’re interested in buying the book, you can get it here.

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions


  1. Suzanne Smith

    Such valuable information. I’m sure this book will be great! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Great review! Sounds like an interesting and useful read. I could certainly use some of those tips for managing my back pain.

  3. Great interview. Thanks for sharing this information. So many people suffer in silence from osteoporosis and chronic pain. Books like these help those who suffer, feel like they’re not alone.

  4. This is not what I expected when I saw the title. It sounds like a good read and I’ll have to grab it! What a good review!

  5. Great blog for such an important book. I’m glad that you mentioned how it is helpful for anyone suffering from chronic pain.

  6. Alice Renaud

    Great interview, and a valuable book on a very important topic. Well done!

  7. Nancy Golinski

    Thank you for the review!! I am in pain as I type this…lol…but we all must keep moving forward.

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